Toronto Interior Design Show

Toronto Interior Design Show



On the southeast corner of Toronto’s Dufferin Grove there stood an elm tree which had succumbed to Dutch elm disease in 2010. This tree was destined to be firewood, or worse tossed in the city dump. We salvaged the tree and have thoughtfully repurposed some of the lumber into this collection to exhibit our take on a contemporary dining/socializing nook.


Thonet’s tangle chandelier with anatomies for extinct anomalies V arc base: Elements reclaimed from five of Michael Thonet’s No. 14 chair, ubiquitous in bistros the world over and found on the side of the road in Toronto, surround a single simple bulb to create this chandelier. The refined elm arc is anchored in the raw root of a fallen elm tree salvaged from the tree dump with repurposed sash weights as counter-balance.



cross III table: Playing with perception and balance six legs are crossed in a splay of angles. This tangle of straight raw steel and wood deceives the eye and can support a glass or wood top. Shown here with a reversible elm top accentuating the natural curves on the inside of the table, or it can be rotated for a raw and natural outside edge. The legs are blackened steel tube commingling with straight sections of elm. 

orphanage – re-imagined Stam/Breuer chairs: We respect the aesthetic economy of these classic chairs we found discarded at the University of Toronto so our update has been done with a light touch; we simply reused the original leather seating as strapping to harness new elm slats. We’ve re-imagined seven of these chairs, originally made in Italy, and like most orphans they are looking for a home. Tubular chrome-plate steel form (original), reused leather (original), rivets and elm.

branches sconce: A natural extension of our branches line, the sconce bearsa subtle yet striking resemblance to its great uncle the branches chandelier. Affixed directly to the wall and made of elm, this piece can be custom-made from this standard small rendition to an entire wall crawling with branches.


peg (the drama twins): These two pieces of black locust found in an abandoned lot a few streets from our shop surprised us with the personality they had hidden beneath their rings. When exhibited in Studio North at IDS12 people saw all sorts of faces in them; the drama twins, a seal, an otter, beaver, cat, mouse... Supported on one side by a peg leg, these stools or side tables stretch the potential of fallen stumps. Peg has a different view from every side and a mirror image top that accentuates the growth rings. Made with black locust and supported by a repurposed oak stool leg.

heart felt cage: Originally produced in 2004 with repurposed conveyor apron this bench is being rebuilt with salvaged wood and straps. Simple removable skeletal ribs support the belted wood. Shown in original beech conveyor apron with birch ribs.

cross II coffee table: Typically the outer edges of trees are discarded when producing lumber, we are using this lost slicefacing up to show off the bark under a glass top. The joinery is also exposed and this custom table can also be built with smooth wood.

be steel your hearth: Thonet chairs sitting in a found steel fireplace surround and below an elm mantel.