Selecting a table can involve a number of decisions: wood type, finish, table top style and base form. We offer a variety for each which can be combined in nearly every conceivable way yielding a host of possibilities. We offer signature designs as well as complete customization.



1.  Name your size.
Suggested Dining Table Dimensions:
150cm x 76cm x 75cm (60” x 30” x 30”)  4-6 people
180cm x 80cm x 75cm (72” x 32” x 30”)  6-8 people
240cm x 90cm x 75cm (96” x 36” x 30”)  8-10 people
300cm x 106cm x 75cm (120” x 42” x 30”)  10-12 people

Custom sizes available. Note, not all table designs available in all sizes.

2.  Choose a table top style

3.  Select the base/leg style

4.  Pick from the following hardwoods

Standard hardwoods:

Other woods available: