Mesh Standing Lamp

The mesh system is one of our answers to the bounty of scrap solid wood left over from the custom jobs that move through our woodworking co-op. Solid wood sticks are woven together into a malleable wooden mesh that can be twisted and adjusted for shape  Composed of walnut, maple, pine, poplar, cherry, cedar and elm, a variety of shapes and forms can be created by linking these individual elements together including lamps, screens and mats.





North American hardwoods including walnut, maple, pine, poplar, cherry, cedar and elm. 
Or single species walnut, ash, white oak or douglas fir.


ML-CT- Circular Tall- 1980 mm tall x 360 mm diameter (78” tall x 14” diameter)

*Photography by Janet Kimber.



Circular - Single bulb 350mm (14”) diameter
Oval - Double bulb 24”
Gradient of various woods from dark walnuts on the ends to light ash in the middle.
Solid colours based on our standard woods and others when available.
Mixed colours
Available as a hanging pendant lamp.